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Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching Up ("A No Pictures Post")

Sorry in advance to the grandparents - no pictures with this post! I promise tomorrow will bring lots of shoot-able memories!

Tater has returned and has settled back in much easier than I expected. She seems to be happy to be back with her own things and with her family. We still hear very frequently..."I miss Papa!"...but she is crying a bit less! She has returned to school and is enjoying her friends. She announced she will be marrying her friend, S, but we told her she has to wait a few years!

Bruiser LOVES school...or at least the bus ride! He has shared a bit more about his afternoons since that first day. We now know he plays with "hars" (what a surprise!), sand, and puzzles. He loves to talk about the bus and the other kids on it. "They go home to them mommies? And them daddies? And them babies?" and "My bus has lights?" Reports from his teacher have been good and I even find his speech a bit clearer! Tomorrow he starts Tumble Tots at our local rec center with Tater...we'll see how that goes!

Miss Wiggles has been enjoying her afternoons with Mommy! We spent Wednesday at Target and today at Trader Joe's and Sam's Club. So exciting! She also has been fighting sleep...staying up until 11pm last night...which was not on our schedule! So, she was a bit tired today! And I love to watch her "play" with the other two! She watches what they do and then swoops in to steal something when they are distracted...and runs when they scream. Priceless!

And the big news? We are adding to the family! No, not a baby...but some fish! Since Shadow seems to have taken up semi-permanent residency with Mimi, we offered to set up the fish tank for the kids in the meantime. Bruiser can't wait to "watch the fish" and "feed fish." Tater wants to get a rainbow fish and she wants Mommy to get a pink one with polka dots! Miss Wiggles just watches it all happen! We'll post pictures when the new additions arrive!

Have a great weekend and watch for updates on the fish, Tumble Tots, and our new? minister...which will be the main focus of our busy weekend! Say a little prayer that all works out for church community as we venture into the next stage of growth!

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