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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bruiser!

Bruiser turned three today! And then he announced he was too big to give his mommy kisses and that he didn't need all his special cuddle things anymore because was big! After the tears (all mine!), he settled into bed with all his Taggies after a busy and fun family day (post to come!). Here is a look back at his busy three years!

Bruiser Boy
January 9th 2:47 pm
8lbs 6 oz
First cuddle with Mommy

Meeting his big sister for the first time

Baptism Day

All-time favorite Bruiser picture!

Waiting for his first birthday party.

Bruiser, you were such a welcome addition to our family! We love how you made our family grow! While you were somersaulting in my tummy, I couldn't wait to meet you. I treasured each sleep-deprived moment of those first four months when you insisted that the only place you would sleep was glued to my side where you could eat whenever you matter the time of day or night!
You grew each day, watching and learning from your big sister. You were cautious in your explorations, quick to cuddle, and a mama's boy from day one! You love routine, your own space, and your family. Your world revolves around cars, trains, and all the boy-stuff Daddy loves to share with you. You are perfect little brother, following Tater's lead, and the perfect big brother, showing Miss Wiggles the ropes! You give kisses and hugs and sweet comments with wild abandon!
You are the sweetest little boy that God could have added to our family. We loved you before we knew you and now there are no words to explain how special you are! Happy birthday, Bruiser Boy!

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  1. "Mommy," what you wrote is beautiful! One day Bruiser will cherish these words and will always have a cuddle for you (even if only when no one else is looking or when he is sick)!