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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Asthma Strikes Again

After a good run of almost 6 months, Bruiser's asthma flared out of control and we earned 2 ER trips and a one-night admission to our local children's hospital.  Even though we are very skilled in managing his asthma, it still surprises me how quickly it comes on and how quickly he goes downhill! 

A bit of history... 
Bruiser had frequent ear infections and then tubes as an infant/toddler.  He also had several ER visits due to croup.  His second day of kindergarten landed him in the PICU with a massive asthma episode.  That year was rocky but we got him on a good management program with exasperations every few months.  He's had 2 PICU stays and now 3 regular floor admissions.  He's had one episode of pneumonia and one time that required magnesium to control his asthma.  Luckily, he's had no intubations!  His actual diagnosis is severe persistent asthma...the worst it can be.

So this time he started with cold symptoms and we started his sick plan.  We struggled through Friday and saw little improvement.  We did a sick visit on Saturday to the pediatrician, where they prescribed steroids and diagnosed an ear infection (and flushed out a massive glob of ear wonder he never heard me calling him!!!!!)

By Sunday afternoon we were seeing no improvement even after 2 doses of steroids.  So off to the ER he and I went.  He immediately was put in a room and began 3 rapid dual-nebulizer treatments.  He improved slightly and I had a serious conversation about how I felt about managing him at home. I felt comfortable and we headed home with a different steroid.  I had high hopes for good things :)

Sadly, by the time Daddy returned home from work the next day...this is where we ended up!  Daddy walked in the door and Bruiser and I walked out..

This time he was maxed out on steroids and back on high volume duel-nebs.  We waited in the ER for a room to be ready and headed up to our accommodations around 10pm.  

We spent a lot of quality time together!

And Mommy watched his pulse-ox and elevated heart rate...that albuterol does quite a number to you!!!  For a high-energy kid, hopped up on steroids and inhalers, he was very sedate...just another sign he was feeling pretty yucky :(

When you are trapped in a room and in bed (all the meds made him a fall risk and he had to be hooked to the monitors), Mommy lets you play Pokemon Go to entertain yourself :)  These are the pictures I later found on my phone...

I am happy to say that we were released after one night and many many many treatments.  He continued meds and treatments for a week longer at home and has recovered well.  There's still a bit of PTSD in him...he's terrified that if he's not close to me I won't know if he's having trouble breathing...but we're working on that!

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  1. Oh no poor guy! At least he caught a lot of Pokemon? Haha. I hope he is feeling better and that you guys don't see the hospital for a looooooooong time. <3