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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Washington DC 2016

We had the best vacation as a family plus Papa to Washington DC!  It was hot and we walked miles (we have Fitbits to prove it!) but we saw so much and had the best time.  There were few arguments, lots of flexibility (which is something some people in our family struggle with!), and great memories!

Here are the pictures to show our trip...excuse the weird order - Blogger was acting up!!!

After a hot first day Bubba and Sassy were relaxing while Papa and I unloaded the car.  Daddy had taken the two older kids to the Spy Museum while we explored the Newseum and headed back to relax at the hotel.

Fountains were made for splashing!

Bubba was all about the maps!

Bubba and Sassy were trying out for the news!

We spent out first day exploring the Newseum and loved seeing all things news!

The map!

Waiting to see the 4D movie!

In an actual TV studio with the capitol in the background.

Seeing Papa's paper in digital form on display at the Newseum...with his face on the front page :).

This is where the pictures get funny...these are from our drive to Papa's house before we left for DC.
Love how my children slept in the oddest positions!!!

After settling into the hotel the first night, I enjoyed a glass of wine and some reading time :)

Day 2 was HOT, HOT, HOT!
And this was Sassy's opinion of it!
(And if anyone's recalling, she had a similar reaction on Day 2 of our Disney trip!!!)

We spent this very hot day walking the National Mall to see the monuments.
All the kids were set on seeing the Lincoln Memorial and Daddy wanted to go to the top of the Washington Monument...all accomplished!

It was so hot and I didn't have a hair tie to pull my hair up...because I never do!...that I had to buy a hat to hold my hair up!  Comfort surpassed fashion this day!

Love this of my boy!

After touring the monuments, we needed to cool off desperately!  We ventured into the Holocaust Museum and worried how appropriate it was for the kids but needed the AC!!!!  I am happy to report that the museum did an amazing job with a children's display that was honest and truthful but at the right level for the kids.  It was excellent!

Daddy also grabbed us tickets to tour the US Mint...but we missed our time due to distance and heat.  Sadly, this happened again the next day!!!!  Poor Daddy added extra steps to his fitbit for nothing :) 

While the big kids went with Daddy and Papa to tour the Washington Monument, Bubba and I explored the Museum of American History.  This was in a small children's section that was all hands-on...Luke loved it!  And he was in his diaper because there was a diaper malfunction and Mommy never packs a change of clothes for the 4th child :)

Riding a subway...

Seeing a train...

The Museum of Natural History

We ended the day with an early dinner at a fabulous BBQ place (with sangria and beer!) and a walk back to the hotel in the rain!

Day 3 we had a tour scheduled at the Capitol and decided to squeeze in the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court while we were already at the top of the Hill!  We loved seeing all the political buildings...and I have more pictures on my big girl camera, whenever I get around to uploading them :)

Sassy settled right in!

Then we ended the afternoon with a trip to the Air and Space Museum...everyone's favorite!

They loved the space toilets!

And Bubba loved this display!

And he kept saying "Mama, you buy me this?"

Day 4 = tired boy

One more item checked off my bucket list!

The National Cathedral was amazing!

As we were leaving, we started down the stairs to the underground parking garage...I assumed Daddy had Bubba and he assumed I had Bubba.  Well, halfway down the stairs, we hear a little voice from the top of the stairs "Mama?"...we had forgotten our youngest child!!!!!!  Parents of the Year!

We ended the trip with a little Chick-fil-a and Fitbit comparisons!

And this guy fell asleep right before we got home...of course!

After a night back at Papa's house, we were up bright and early to head to our favorite local amusement park!  My parents grew up just miles from it, visiting regularly and even working there through school.  I spent many summer visits there and now my children are building the same memories!
First ride of the day!

Bubba told us he was only going on the "hittle" rides...and then couldn't wait to get on this "boap"!!!

My boy took me for a drive :)

It's tradition for the littles to ride the firetrucks!

Bruiser was too cool but refused to miss out!

Loved seeing my little guy be big stuff this year!

Train time!

He loved the rides but always looked terrified while on them!

We ended the day with a visit to the great-grandparents and then pizza on the way home.

Friday we ventured to the local museum and explored the dinosaurs!

He was digging for fossils and bones!

Papa and Tater taking a break :)

Sassy and Pop-Pop playing dress-up :)

Cousin time at Papa's

We grabbed Cousin D and headed to the local ballpark for front row seats to the game!

Bubba decided to throw things onto the field...and Papa decided his lap was time-out!

Tater always loves a good snuggle!

Cousin D may have worn more than he ate :)

We made it through the 6th inning and I swear it sounded like the crowd was cheering as we left!

We had a crazy-busy and super-hot week but we had a great time together, loved being with Papa, and made TONS of memories!!!

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