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Monday, October 10, 2016

Mug Love Exchange

Nothing makes me think of fall and changes in the season than a warm mug of coffee :)...and fun mugs make it all the better!  As a mom with 4 kids needing to be in 44 different directions at any given time, a travel mug is my jam!  I feel like i'm always driving somewhere and needing some caffeine to keep me going!

So, when I saw the blogger mug exchange, I couldn't wait to connect with other writer moms...and when I was matched with Emily at Three Boys and a Girl, I knew were meant to "meet".  Emily loves travel mugs as much as me!  And without even trying, we even selected the same brand of mug for each other!  

I will admit that my crazy schedule led me to order off Amazon and ship right to I didn't include any yummy treats like she did for me!  And let me tell you...those treats didn't last they day...yum!!!  Thank you for spoiling me, Emily!

How cute is this mug????  Love the fall colors and the cute box it came in :)


  1. so glad to have been paired with you!! loved my mug and can't wait to use it! Still can't believe we picked the same brand...we are meant to be friends! :)

  2. Oh that mug is adorable! I love it!