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Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up!

This weekend was busy but low-key at the same time!

We spent the majority of our time repainting and finishing off the girls' bedroom.  This space used to be a garage that the previous owners finished off.  When we moved in it had bright yellow walls and multi-colored foam tiles on the floor.  I think they used it as a playroom.  The husband laid laminate wood flooring soon after we moved in and painted the walls in Penn State gray (the official color!).  It became a man room.  Then we added 3 more kids and needed more space.  So the girls were moved in and there was no time to paint...until this weekend!  We went with a very neutral tan that we have used throughout the hopes we are moving soon and didn't want to repaint again!  We also added some trim where the wall meets the ceiling on the 2 side walls.  The girls love it and so does their mama!

Walking in the room from the office/mud room space
This is Sassy's bed and dresser.

Looking down the room towards Tater's end.

One wall...TV is left over from the man room days and is used for xbox and movies.

Baskets and sweetness

Tater's angel collection from Mimi.

The girly corner!
Sassy used to sleep at this end and asked if I was going to move the mirror to her new side because "you know, sometimes I like to play and look at me playing"!

Tater's bed and FAO Schwartz animal collection.

Looking down the room towards Sassy's side.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the room :)

 My other bug accomplishment was finishing this! 
I've been knitting scarves for years and decided to take on the challenge of an entire blanket this winter.  It took me about 3 weeks of working on it in the evenings while we binge watched on Netflix and now it's a cozy addition to my office space!  And...I've already started another one!!!

As for the rest of the weekend, there were errands run, some thrift shopping, and lots of Lego playing.  When the bigger kids get home from school today they will be heading to the basement to clean up the Lego tornado that struck!

Hope you had a great weekend and had some time to enjoy the almost-spring weather that is with us for a few days!

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