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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Confessional Thursday

I'm connecting with The Newly to share those moments from this week!

I confess I hate snow days!  
As a teacher I loved them but as a mom I can't stand the thought of being trapped inside with 4 busy kids!

I confess I am addicted to Amazon Prime!
I've lost count of how many boxes get delivered to our house each week!
It's so convenient and makes my shopping so less stressful.  We even have our pantry supplies delivered...TP, paper towels, etc.  Life changing, I tell you!

I confess I put my kids to bed at 7:00 so I can binge watch a few more episodes!
Lol...this will change as the weather gets nicer and we transition to being outside more but for now, it works!

I confess my feelings are not hurt one little bit that Sassy picked Daddy to come to her class for their special valentine making project!
I've been the teacher for those kind of days and have no desire to see the other side!  Plus I think it's important for Daddy to have some special time with the kids!

I confess that my favorite days are the ones where Bubba and I have no where to go and can stay in pjs for the whole morning!
And that's our plan for today!


  1. Thanks for linking up today, Andrea! Love your confessions. I just joined Amazon Prime a few months ago, and I'm not sure how I lived without it and two day shipping, lol! It's saved me many times now - birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and more!

  2. Gosh Amazon Prime is seriously my lifeline. And I have discovered that diapers are like half the price of target!? This is AMAZING news!