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Sunday, June 17, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump!

I love my large amazing camera...and it goes with us often and takes amazing pictures.  But, as we all know, our phone is always attached to our bodies and is SO convenient to snap pictures and upload them to Facebook or text and email them.  I can't believe that I have over 500 pictures on my phone!  Here are a few from the past several months that have never made it to the blog and I wanted to make sure we documented!

This was taken about 30 minutes before Tater broke her arm...if only we had known what was coming our way!

Bruiser's preschool school picture...LOVE!

Sassy being sassy!

Tater learned to write me "love" notes!

Sassy had the local weatherman visit her preschool class...and her picture made it on TV!
(She's sitting on the bottom left!)

Oh, the pose!

The Big Blue Bug, a local icon that made national news when they added his tie!
Sassy likes to claim it's "my tie" every morning as she and Daddy drive by it!

Tater, the Young Author, in first grade!

And...we went camping!
Our home away from home.

Our little Katniss in her tutu!

Mountain man!
We're all about the costumes!

Dinner time!

Mommy and the Sass


A little red, white, and blue!

Color-coordinated nails!

Our local zoo opened a new play are for the kids and we won a contest to preview it and make it on the local news that was filming it.

There is amazing water play!

And some creating that is tons of fun!

And what are pictures from the House of Sprout without some beach shots?
Playing like they like each other!

Sassy and Daddy in the water...her favorite place to be!
Here she was telling the water to "Stop!"

Shivery girl!

Love this shot!

And to end this photo's the injury Mommy suffered this spring...thanks to a mandolin slicer!  It required 3 stitches and I still have a scar and lose of feeling in the finger tip!  I couldn't let Tater have all the fun!!!!!!

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