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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

And Last Week Was Easy...

Hard to believe but I kind of feel like last week...stuck in that small hospital room, reading on my kindle, watching endless television, lounging round-the-clock...was the easy part!

This week we headed back to work and school.  We've scheduled doctor appointments.  We've been giving lots of medicine.  We've rested and tried to relax.  We've dealt with news that we didn't want to hear.  We've cried a bit...and asked "why?" a lot!

It's hard to watch your little girl and wonder what she  did to deserve all these struggles and challenges.  But it's so easy to watch her love life and take such pleasure in the simple things!  We are happy to take on the worrying and decision-making if it means she can stay the amazing little girl she is!

We've set our appointment with the immunologist.  In a week and a half we'll have a better idea of where we are heading and how to help Tater.  That, along with her improved health at the moment, is the good news.

She has developed a secondary infection related to the antibiotics.  We spent the evening at the doctor yesterday.  She's worried about her report card and I had to put out some fired with that...but I think we are okay.

Meanwhile, our family is struggling to accept my mom's ever-growing health issues.  I haven't discussed it much here but it has been a rough few years.  I have had to surrender the mom I know to some horrible diseases way too soon.  Watching her struggle with Parkinson's disease and memory issues has been heartbreaking.  But her latest struggle is hard...effecting all of us close to her.  I don't want to share her personal issues but I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I asked for your prayers over the next few weeks as she undergoes surgery and treatments to stay healthy. 

As a matter of fact, we all would appreciate those prayers. 

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