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Monday, July 25, 2011


Bruiser had surgery this morning to remove his ear tubes.  There are two problems with that statement:

1.  It was morning...early the alarm went off at 5:30 am...on summer vacation.
2.  He had to have them surgically removed because they didn't fall out on his own.  This happens to less than 1% of the hundreds of thousands of children who get tubes.  The nurses kept questioning why we were there.  It was something like "He's here for ear have them removed?"  At 6:30 this morning...on summer vacation...

Luckily, they figured out what they were supposed to do and all went well.  We were home before 9...yes, in the morning...amazing what they can accomplish in such a quick time!  Now he's running around acting like his crazy self!

On another note, potty training (as I jinx myself) is going well...with both Bruiser and Sassy...although Sassy prefers to pee outside on a tree rather use the potty.  We need to work on what is appropriate for princesses. 

We are rewarding successes with M& well as bribing to accomplish any other task or chore I need them to do...but that's another story!  I've just been picking up the "grab and share" bags from the check-out lane at Target.  I thought it worked.  But then Daddy went to Sam's on Sunday and brought home this:

I think we'll be set for a while.  We might be able to potty train the entire neighborhood with this!

We spent the weekend painting the living room and redecorating a bit.  I hung this on the wall:

I love that it says "We do loud really well."  It's really true.

Since we had to get up this morning at the morning...on summer vacation...Sassy had a sleepover at our friends' house.  It was her first sleepover and she was SUPER excited.  She packed her Nuks and put on her sister's backpack and was ready to go.  The candy gave her the energy to walk around the block to the neighbors' house.  I've heard she did well.  She was asleep around 11 and switched beds around the morning...on summer vacation.  But she ended the night sleeping between her two favorite "boy" all was right in her world!

And to give you a giggle...this is what happens when Sassy dresses herself!  Know that the backpack is a permanent accessory.

Oh, and to bring it full-circle back to potty training...Bruiser has done so well that he earned his big potty prize that he picked out LAST year...and has been sitting in our house waiting for him to be successful.  He was SO excited...never mind that he pooped in his underwear the next morning...we all make mistakes!

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