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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let the Missing Begin!

Once again this big girl is heading off on one of her jaunts to Papa and Mimi's house...and once again there will be lots of sad hearts in the House of Sprout as we miss her while she's off having fun!

Tater will be gone for almost an entire month until we see her again.  While it is the most practical arrangement travel-wise, we will miss her tons!  She was sad going to bed tonight but that will probably be the extent of her sadness...because once she sees Papa, she will forget all about us!

Bruiser and Sassy will miss their "Sissy" and wait anxiously for her return...thanks to that younger sibling adoration!  Mommy and Daddy will soon be counting the days until we can hug her again!

But, all the missing aside, we hope Tater has a super-wonderful visit and soaks up lots of grandparent spoils!  We are so happy to give this opportunity and be able to share her with those who love her so much!

26 more sleeps, Tater!

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