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Sunday, July 17, 2011

It Was An Uncle Jason Kind of Day!

Uncle Jason was in Boston for work over the weekend and we headed up to take him out on the town today!  Sassy and Bruiser were SO excited to see "Jashon" and his "house"!  
Jason and Bruiser snuggling in Uncle Jason's night-night.

Bruiser pretending to sleep through his giggles!

We had no set plans but decided we needed to spend some time indoors since the temperature outside was well above 90 degrees.  The final decision was to head over to the New England Aquarium for the afternoon.  This involved a few block walk, a T ride, and another several block walk...all in the heat...all with two little ones and a stroller.  During that second walk, we stopped at a local New England favorite for some cool drinks and a quick snack.

Oh, and did I mention...once we arrived at the aquarium, we had to wait in the sun! buy the tickets?  Plain and simple...IT WAS HOT!  And anyone that knows me knows I don't like the heat...for some reason my body doesn't do well with it!  And even more...I hate to sweat!  Yeah, just lovely! 

But all that aside, we had a blast with the kids and spending time with Uncle Jason!

The harbor seals

Sassy touching a sea star

Can you even stand these sweet little poses?!?!

LOVE those curls!

Someone loves their Uncle Jason!

This was the best I could get Bruiser to pose...he had his own agenda and it didn't include my camera!

Sassy petting a stingray...Bruiser wouldn't come near!

Uncle Jason petting another kind of stingray.
This little guy liked Jason so much that he came back around and just hung out with Jason rubbing his back!

After the aquarium, we walked a block to a local splash park/fountain.  It was just right there in the middle of the city.  If I hadn't had so many inhibitions, I would have hopped right was that warm out!  The kids were slow to "warm" up to it but finally ended up soaked.  Thank goodness for potty training...I had several changes of clothes along!  One of the best moments was when Uncle Jason thought he was being so tricky placing Sassy on one of the spouts and the water splashed him right in the face...super hilarious!

Bruiser spent a long time checking it all out...

...and waiting for the splash...

...until he finally got a bit wet...

...and then dove right into the center of it all!

We ended the day with a yummy...and cool!...dinner at The Black Rose Irish Pub.  Sassy entertained the restaurant along with the live performer and Bruiser held it together as best as he could!  The grown-ups relaxed a bit and cooled off...before heading back into the heat and beginning the trek back to Uncle Jason's "house." 

Our venture through the T system was hot and not very stroller-friendly!  That darn green line!  It was a long hot walk to the hotel and the garage that held out car.  But we survived and safely made it to Uncle Jason's room for potty breaks and pull-ups before beginning the drive home.  There were tears as we left Uncle Jason, who needed to get some actual work done, but they dried quickly as the little eyes drifted closed on their way to dreamland! 

It was a fun day and great time just enjoying Uncle Jason.  We missed Tater and Aunt Heather...but, really, another child and a pregnant woman in the heat of a city...that might not of been very good!

Side Note:  We've been potty training both Sassy and Bruiser for the past two weeks (because we are crazy like that here at the House of Sprout!).  Mind you, I HATE potty training...almost as much as the stomach bug!  Yes, it's that bad!  A little day trip wasn't going to stop me!  We went in underwear and wore the same ones ALL day (except for the change after the splash fountain!)...and had successful potty breaks all day long!  Dare I say...the end is in sight?  Oh, and the best part?  The pull-ups we put on them for the drive home?  They were dry when we got home!  Good job, Sassy and Bruiser!

I think this shot of Sassy sums the whole day up!

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