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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Yesterday we headed to pick up Tater - halfway between home and Papa and Mimi's. Memaw and Pop-Pop brought her and we had a picnic and a bit of a wildlife hike!

This was the kids turtle friend that didn't enjoy having his nap interrupted!

He quickly headed back to the water!

This little "friend" surprised me and elicited a scream that was heard all the way around the lake!

Can you see ALL the turtles sunning themselves?!?

Then today we headed out strawberry picking in the mucky weather with some very good friends from church. I planned ahead and outfitted the kids in old clothes, bug spray, and rain boots. I thought was heading for "mommy of the year" but you'll soon see why not!

Tater and her friend, K.

Bruiser heading in for the find!

Wiggles sampling along the way.

A. doing an excellent job!

More sampling!
They should have weighed her before and after to charge us for what she ate!

Tater and K. showing off their finds!

Wiggles coming for sympathy after she fell face and belly first into the mud puddle!
I had already removed the shirt but she was still filthy!

But nothing stopped her from finding more strawberries!

Bruiser loves his boots...and puddles!

See the dirt?

Love the strawberry streak!

And love that expression!

Please note that everyone had a blast and we quickly headed home for tubbies and naps all around! The best way to end a Saturday!

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