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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Has Arrived...Almost!

Friday I spent the morning taking Miss Wiggles to the specialist to find out why she's been walking funny. Then I spent the afternoon taking all three children to find the special shoes she'll need for her braces...but more on her issues later! We came home late Friday afternoon to the HOT weather and decided to get summer started!

We picked up a new sprinkler at our second know, that store with the red and white bulls eye?

Tater was a daredevil, while...

Bruiser and Taggie avoided the water altogether!

Miss Wiggles was a bit tired and a bit traumatized by her day.

They all wanted to lay out to "dry off"...even though Tater was the only wet one!

Tater was posing "Hawati" style!

Wiggles just wanted to be like the big kids.

This was a shot from when I put Tater on time out for being fresh to me and the other two joined her to commiserate and talk about the mean mommy. Hil-larious!
Saturday morning I got to go yard sale-ing for the first time all year! I was so excited and came home with a few great treasures. There were toys (Geo Trax and Leapster Games) and puzzles (horses and dinosaurs) and clothes (even a Hanna Andersson sweatshirt) and shoes. But the best? A B.O.B. double jogger for a steal! No, I didn't need another stroller. Yes, I already own 6 strollers.'s a B.O.B.! And the price couldn't be beat! So now I'll be selling a few of my less impressive strollers and I spent a bit of time finding a proper home for the new stroller that we fondly refer to as "Bob"!
Anyone want to buy a great Baby Trend double jogger with three new tires?
In the afternoon Tater and I headed out on our own to her friend, M's, birthday party. It was a beauty makeover party at a local kids' hair place...which translate to "right up Tater's alley"!
Here she is getting her "twisties".

Finished hair!


Eye glitter!

The party room and the beauties!
Then we headed home to head out to our local minor league baseball stadium for a baseball game in honor of Daddy's birthday and Father's Day. We joined some good friends and had a great spite of the heat and squirmy little ones.
Daddy and his kids!
(Don't you love Tater's foam finger?)

The crowd...

and Mommy in the crowd!
Today we went for an early breakfast, spent some time at Home Depot (our other second home!), cleaned, did laundry, celebrated Daddy, and just had a great family day! Three more days of school for Mommy and Jack and then summer officially arrives!

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