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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beach Day!

We started of the day with Tater in my bed at one o'clock in the morning...watching Nick-at-Nite while I slept...can you say "tired girl Saturday"? It was a lazy morning but we were ready to head off on our first beach day of the summer by around ten o'clock. As Daddy and I were gathering the last minute items, Bruiser opened the front storm/screen door. Both of us yelled for him to close it and he did...with Miss Wiggles' finger in the hinge. Her flattened finger and Mommy headed to the Urgent Care for x-rays and a splint while Daddy took the other two to get beach snacks. After our brief detour, we made it to the beach by one o'clock...and everyone enjoyed the "perfect beach day"!

Wiggles' with her splint.

Love Tater's hat!

All three had fun playing with Daddy while Mommy got to sit and read for a few fabulous moments!

This is the first day Wiggles actually played in the sand and water.
And in spite of her injury, she loved it!

Her splint fell off from the water and now you can see her bruised little finger
(the one she is sort of holding up).

Bruiser got his feet buried and loved wiggling free!

Tater loved it too!

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