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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Summer Vacation in September

When I decided to stop teaching and stay home with Bubba (and the other 3 when they aren't in school!), my one wish was to go to the shore in September.  Any teacher will totally understand the appeal...a vacation in September is unheard of when you are just starting the school year!  So we started searching for the best vacation house in our favorite location...Ocean City, New Jersey :).  And the best part of vacationing off-season?  We were able to rent a house right on the beach and in our price range!
We spent a relaxing week soaking in the sun and family time.  Papa and Cousin D spent the first part of the week with us and then Pop-Pop and Memaw arrived for the second half of the week.  We enjoyed slow mornings, playing on the beach by 9am (or earlier!) and late evenings watching the waves.  We dug in the sand, rode our boogie boards, and saw dolphins almost every day!  The weather was fabulous!


We ended the week a night too soon with the news that my mom, the kids' Mimi, had left on the bus to Heaven.  We were thankful for my inlaws, who stayed the last night with our sleeping children and let Daddy and I head to my family to mourn together.  Mimi had been sick for many years and her passing was a merciful thing...but we still feel like she was taken from us far too soon.  We also think she made sure we had that last week together in her favorite place...the beach!

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