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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bubba Day!

I was able to coordinate childcare for the three school kids so Daddy could work and I could stay with family for another week as we remembered and missed Mimi.  And even though Papa put me to work cleaning and organizing, Bubba and I found time to enjoy cousins and check out a few sights!

The local museum has a Curious George exhibit and Papa and I took Bubba and Cousin D to explore...and then we checked out the dinosaurs and the mummy!

Then we enjoyed some cousin sleepovers...

Mommy/Aunt Annie was losing control when Cousin J slept over!

And Bubba wanted to be just like big Cousin D!

And we had to act like a puppy...good thing this floor had just been scrubbed!

 Mommy and Bubba returned home just in time for Bubba to start "school".
(It's a speech therapy group through his EI program but he loves to ride in Mommy's "bus" and go to "school"!) 

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