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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Woof! Woof! Somebody Turned 9!

Life has a way of getting in the way :) 
I took a much longer than planned blogging break and I've missed documenting our lives.
So without further ado... :)
Tater turned 9...yes, 9!!!! February.  With winter break, some traveling (that will come in a big iphone dump!), and sickness all around, it was just simpler to postpone her big celebration until March...and it couldn't have been better!
She requested a puppy party (yes, the girl who is allergic to dogs!) and Mommy complied, with a bit of help from Pinterest!  Our great friend was able to get us a hall to use (which translates to Mommy not having to clean the house for the party!) and we spent a few hours the night before setting up (just the mommies!).  Tater was thrilled to walk in the day of the party and see all the decorations!
Nut-free "pupcakes" for my tree-nut allergy girl
 (I guess that's a post to share!)

Make a puppy toy

Decorate a box to take your puppy home

The treat table :)


Paint your paws (manis!)

Lunch for the little guy :)

The bigger middle!

The little middle!

adopting puppies


Food time!

Fun was had by all...even this little one, who practiced holding the balloons for his up-coming special day :)
We cleaned up and were on our way to Ikea (as a reward for Mommy!) within a half-hour!
Happy birthday, Tater! 
You were the first piece of this wonderful crazy puzzle that we call our family.  You taught us how to be a mommy and a daddy.  You've shown us how to love unconditionally and without hesitation.  You exude enthusiasm and compassion and thoughtfulness.  You have blessed us in countless ways and keep us guessing and endlessly test our patience :)  We wouldn't change a second of our life with you...except to slow it down and keep you little a bit longer!
We love you around the universe and back again!

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