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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter was quiet at our house this year.  We were alone (meaning no one traveled to us and we traveled to no me, we were not alone with 4 kids!).  The bunny stopped by and the kids were thrilled with their loot (picture on the phone to come later!).
My one wish was to go to church as a family...and we were dressed, photo-ed, and in the car in time to make a 9:00am service!  And the kids all sat quietly (relatively!) and behaved! 
It was an Easter miracle!
We practiced with an egg hunt after the church service and then came home for the our own personal hunt courtsy of the Easter Bunny!  We found eggs filled with puzzle pieces...but no one was interested enough to assemble the puzzle yet...oh, well!

Someone enjoyed the grass...

and thought the leaves and sticks tasted pretty good :)

After a yummy brunch and some loot exploring, we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful day!

Too much!

Love this guy a little bit!

She smothers him...every. single. day.

Poor Bubba!

We headed out for a nice long walk on the bike path in the afternoon, played with the neighbors for a bit, and then had the traditional HAMburgers for dinner :)
It was a nice day spent as a family, celebrating the real reason for Easter, and enjoy our little life :)

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