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Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Low-Down on Bubba!

Bubba turned the BIG 1 this month...and Mommy's heart broke just a little bit :(
He is the joy of our the best snuggles, smiles, and almost kisses.  We hate to leave him the morning and hurry home to him the afternoon...all of us, including his siblings...really, they love him just so much!  He is easy to tote along and makes the world smile when he flirts with whoever he sees.  We are loving watching his personality appear :)
Proof he cries once in a while :)

And again :)
Bubba's One-Year-Old Stats:
Weight - 17lb 13 oz (4.5%ile)
Height - 29in (14.42%ile)
He's tiny but determined!  We started with EI when he was about 10 months, expressing concerns with his slow/low weight gain and lack of interest in moving.  He gets PT twice a month and Nutrition twice a month...and they come to the house, which means one less place for Mommy to run!  We are loving that his EI coordinator and PT are the same that Sassy had and know our family so well :).  Right before his first birthday, he decided he would give crawling a try...and now he can't be stopped!  He is always on the move and loving his freedom and chance to follow the big ones!
His weight is increasing, slowly but surely!  We switched him to formula at about 10 months due to his possible milk allergy and have adjusted the "recipe" so he gets more calories than a normal bottle.  He LOVES his bottle and LOVES to eat.  We do some purees just to make life easy when we are out and about but he mostly eats what we eat!  He loves Five Guys burgers, chicken from the grill, pulled pork sandwiches, and lots of fruit and veggies!  It's hard to believe he's not gaining with the amount of food he eats!

Morning snuggles!

Who needs toys???
Bubba was a good sleeper :( 
He naps twice a day and usually goes down for the night about 8:30, after a bottle.  He sleeps soundly till about 7:30 in the morning.  We've learned he cannot "play toys" after that last bottle...or he won't sleep!  He has slept in our bedroom since he was born and just made the move to the guest room...a slow transition to his own bed in his own room with big brother, Bruiser!  I'm missing his "toning" that he uses to put himself back to sleep through the night :)

Sassy decided to dress him up as a princess...poor younger brother!

And that's our little guy who's trying to be big!

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