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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

October 2012 Catch-Up

October found Mommy still feeling pretty yucky, trying to survive each day of a very tough year in kindergarten while trying every medicine the doctor prescribed.  I was (and everyone else in the house!) holding out hope that the 2nd trimester would bring big changes...and you'll soon know how disappointed we all were!
We had a little hurricane named Sandy.  We were not complacent and prepared fully...but luckily did not receive the brunt of the storm, unlike others that were much less fortunate.
Sassy turned 4...right in the middle of the storm.  Hmmm...seem highly appropriate?  We celebrated at home with just our family...and with a cake Mommy made before the storm started and we lost power (which we didn't!).
Luckily the storm passed JUST in time for some trick-or-treating!
We were a family of ghosts...and Mommy made the costumes.
Not my best idea for the way I was feeling this year and learn, right?
(next year's costumes were purchased at Target when they discounted their Halloween stuff to 90% off...and there is no theme!)

Bruiser removed his costume right after this,
before we even made it to the first house...oh, sensory boy!

The yearly neighborhood shot!
They are getting way too big...not sure how many years we will be able to get this picture.
And next year we'll add in Bubba!

Can you tell who's missing from the group shot?
Yup...Sassy was being, well, sassy!
I think she was a bit scared of the creepy big boy costumes :)

And that's October!

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