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Friday, May 31, 2013

February 2013 Catch-Up

We continued our yearly tradition of Super Bowl Sundaes!
We wore football jerseys and shirts...although they may not have been the appropriate team!
The kids watch the first quarter or so and then headed off to bed.  We determined while watching the halftime show that Sassy should never be exposed to mainstream pop culture music and dance...our life will be over!

And then there was a little thing called a blizzard...
We lost power around 10pm Friday night...and that meant heat and the water heater.
It was fairly warm through the night, all snuggled in our beds.  Then we woke up.  Yeah.

This was breakfast on Saturday morning. 
Cold cereal, cold milk, cold people!
Out the front window

Braving opening the front door!

Our old sled on the front porch
We lasted until mid-afternoon and then headed out in search of warmth.  We went for a drive, stopped by a neighbor's house with a wood stove, and then decided to get a hotel for the night.  We had to drive well into the next state...and later discovered they had gotten the worst of the storm!  No wonder we had a tough time finding a room!  And just as we pulled into the hotel, our friend called to tell us we now had power!  Oh, well...we were staying!
(Keep in mind that I was 6 months pregnant and miserable through all this!)
The next morning we headed home to assess the damage, begin the clean out and play!

Princess of the Mountain!

Tater also had a birthday in February...she turned 8!
We had just our family and then a visit from Papa and Mimi.
Pictures must be on my phone...because I can't seem to find them on here!
And that was February!

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