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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

November 2012 Catch-Up

November must have not been very exciting because I don't have a single picture!  Ha!  So here's a quick bullet list for memory-sake:

  • We pulled Sassy from her day care/school.  This was a big decision but cost and Mommy's health won out.  She started at the babysitter we used last year for Bruiser and all went much smoother!
  • We stayed home for Thanksgiving and cooked a meal for our little gang.  It was relaxing and (somewhat) peaceful.
  • Mommy was still feeling pretty rotten!  Bubba was doing great but Mommy would have given anything to not feel so sick and tired.
  • We found out the newest Sproutlet was going to be a boy!  This was very important to Bruiser who decided we had a pattern in our family (girl, boy, this one had to be a boy!).  Check out Sassy's response!

And, honestly, that's all I remember!  Poor November!

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