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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Proof We Are Still Alive!

I knew that the adjustment to working full-time was going to be tough...but I never knew how much it would zap from me!  I would open the blog, look at the page, and sigh because I was just too tired to even put two words together!  But my energy is returning as we adjust to this new way of life...and I'm home with an asthmatic I decided to catch you up with some iPhone pictures!

We packed away the last of the sippy babies are growing up!

Our school built a new playground and we went to test it out.
Tater climbed like crazy...

and Sassy couldn't wait to slide!

Bruiser has spent some time's hard being a 4-year-old boy in a neighborhood of big kids!

Papa and Mimi came for a weekend visit.
Bruiser and Papa had some quality Leapster time.

This picture was from the first day of school.
We had gone outside for pictures and when we came inside, Bruiser and Sassy decided it was too early for them!  Luckily, they are doing a bit better with our new schedule!

Sassy started her dance class...and I love the tongue hanging out!

We've had a particularly tough week.  There are issues with Sassy and the therapy and services she needs and the school department not agreeing.  And then there is Tater and her asthma...which has included round-the-clock breathing treatments and multiple doctor visits...all in hopes of avoiding a trip to the ER.
So, here we go...!

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