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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hanging On

We are still alive! 
We are just busy clinging to the final moments of summer!

The kids started at the new sitter's house this past Monday.  I pick up three very happy, exhausted, and dirt children!  All good signs that they love it! 

While they were busy playing and exploring, I was busy in my classroom, setting things up.  Even with a complete re-arrange, I was still fairly together after a day and a half.  It amazes me how quickly I get things accomplished compared to ten years ago when I was a newer teacher.  I have still been working like crazy at night at home, but I actually feel pretty pulled together...both at school and at home. 

So with my classroom together, I pushed to get my own kids' therapies arranged and scheduled and our house pulled together.  I think we are almost there.  Laundry is done and clothes are planned for the week.  Meal planning will be done after I get off this computer.  I still need to hire the cleaning service but it's in the works!  And before long, the groceries will be delivered.  With so many obligations with the children, I'm trying to simplify everything else that I can!

So, I start back on Tuesday with two days of professional development.  The students arrive on Thursday...and Tater will start first grade while Bruiser heads to preschool again.  I anticipate a very tiring and long week!

So here are a few Bruiser quotes to make your heart melt:

"If the moon falls in our yard, I'll pick it up and keep it."

"Mommy, i wish I could turn you into a Taggie!"

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