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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The First Day (finally!)

This arrived in the mail this week, making it real!  Tater is in first grade!

Mommy went back to work on Tuesday and then the kids started on Thursday.  This working full-time is REALLY hard!  I came home after the first day of students and announced I was quitting...but Daddy wouldn't let me!  So went in the next day with a better attitude (and no migraine!) and it went much better.  I guess I'll stick with it...because I don't have any other choice!

The kids were SO excited to head back to school.  We were up early on the first day for those traditional pictures.  The sky was dark black with impending rain so we headed out quickly to snap a few pictures before it down poured (which it did ALL morning long!) and made it back inside just as the first drops began to fall.

Bruiser's last first day of preschool!
Can't believe he'll be in kindergarten next year!

Tater's first day of first grade!
Who let her get so big?!?!?!

And, of course, this one HAD to join in!
Can you even stand that face?!?!?!

During my recess break, I snuck into first grade a snapped a picture of Tater at her desk!
Good thing I'm good friends with her teacher!

Luckily the kids had better first days than Mommy!  Tater LOVES her teacher and her friends.  She did great with a full-day (since she was only half-day K last year).  Her only complaint was that recess was too short!!!  Bruiser is back with his same teacher and aide from last year so he settled in well.  We're waiting to see how the year progresses after his difficult summer with his sensory issues and anxiety problems.  We always get good reports, but I'm sure I'm not getting the whole story!

And, Sassy?  She did great at the sitter's house!  She loves leaving the house and seeing new friends and playing with different toys.  She kisses me goodbye and says "See you later!" as she pushes me out the door!

So I guess three out of four is a good report!

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