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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had another crazy-busy weekend...which seems to be our norm!  School ended for the summer on Friday for Tater, Bruiser, and Mommy.  It may be my favorite day of the entire year!  So that makes today (Monday) my first offical day of summer vacation.  I'm kind of liking it a little bit!

But to back up to the weekend...

Uncle Jason (my brother) and Aunt Heather (his wife) arrived late Friday evening...after we celebrated summer with some yummy cake at our favorite friends' house!  It was nice to visit and catch up with them (Jason and Heather, that is!).  They are expecting their first child (Baby Drew) in October.  So the goal of this trip was to raid our stash of baby gear and clothes.  Jason was amazed at all I had and all I had kept.  They loaded their car and are all set for the first year of Drew's life. 

Then we decided to make quick trip to Kohl's for a little retail therapy, ride a few go-carts to get in the mood...and go see Cars 2!  The kids were so excited!  Sassy did great until she feel asleep halfway through and Bruiser was glued to the edge of his seat.  He watched the entire moviie holding onto his little car like one in the movie and sucking his thumb...I don't think he moved the entire two hours!

We ended the evening with dinner on the grill and a backyard concert provided by our next door neighbors.  Friends joined us and we had a great evening.  Jason and Heather left early Sunday amidst tears from Tater.  It's nice to know that Jason will be on a work trip nearby within the next few weeks andwe'll be able to visit with him again then!

Sunday was not as much fun.  Sassy caught the fever and was awake every half hour Saturday night.  She spent Sunday laying on me and napping.  When she heard we couldn't go to the beach because she was sick, she cried...I think it was the first time she realized how being sick affected your life!  It was a long day but she seems to be a bit better today so hopefully we'll be able to offically start summer!

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