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Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Celebrate America" - Dance Recital 2011

We dressed up.  We glittered up.  We smiled.  We moved.
We danced!

This weekend was Tater's third dance recital and Sassy's first.  It was busy, stressful and time-consuming...but the girls had fun and did great!  Here is the re-cap in pictures...lots of pictures!

Tater is ready to head to rehearsal.

Sassy posing with her bandaged knee!

Tater and her camera smile.

Sassy had a catnap on the way...but don't worry - she was just recharging!

Tater and her friend, M, waiting for things to get started.

Tater watching Miss Michelle give directions.

"Sweet Caroline"
Sassy danced like a professional!
It was especially entertaining  because she didn't dance a single step in class all year long...must have been saving it for the stage!  She did a lot of bouncing from side-to-side, even though it wasn't part of the routine...but she looked cute!

Our friend, Judah, froze halfway into the routine and Sassy had to figure out how to dance around him...again, it was entertaining to watch!

The group shot!

Sassy spent a fair amount of time on stage doing just this...not sure where she learned it!

Super sweet Sassy!

Tater during the family dance.
(Unfortunately, Mommy was at the back of the stage and there aren't any pictures...darn!)

Mommy being a "stage mommy"!

Tater's Ballet
"Let's Get Together"

Tater's Tap
"When The Saints Go Marching In"

Tater's Jazz
"Surfin' in the USA"

The rehearsal lasted almost 4 hours.
Sassy went home with Daddy, Mimi, and Bruiser early on...and Tater did amazingly well and danced all her dances the best I've ever seen her!  Because there is no photography allowed during the actual show, these pictures are from the say a little prayer that the real thing goes a bit quicker!

Oh, and here's a shot of Sassy!

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