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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Holiday Card Reveal (With a Twist!)

Thanks to Shutterfly and their dedication to bloggers, we were able to choose a fabulous card this year! Instead of creating a picture card and writing a family holiday letter, I opted to choose this card (with our information inserted, of course!):

So yesterday I gave the card to my school secretary and she hung it up on the office door with all the other holiday cards from the teachers in the building. And this morning I received this updated version from the other kindergarten teacher in our building...who calls herself my friend!...

Our Top 10 REAL Moments of 2010
10: Tater gets the better K teacher...YEAH!!!
9: Bruiser heads off to the ER in van...Croup!
8: Sassy falls off bunk bed...ER trip #49
7: "Kissing" Tater gets written up on the school bus
6: WOW - vacation in that Disney for young kids?
5: Dad escapes from crazy mom and kids
4: Mom escapes from crazy dad and kids
3: Mom sets up great Tater or Bruiser and napping Sassy
2: Sassy diagnosed with sensory issues -Round 2...DING!
#1: Spending time giving the "gift" of our children to family, friends, neighbors...anyone
who wants them!

With friends like that, who needs enemies!?!?!
Thanks SO much for your creativity and humor, Leslie!

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