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Friday, October 1, 2010


We are back in full school mode, fall craziness, and...wait for it!...sicknesses! Life in our house! Tater had a fever last night and is puffy today...which means a relapse of her kidney disease. Bruiser has that allergy sniff, face wipe, barky cough thing...and we are heading to the doctor today for it. And Sassy? She has yet to start physical therapy for her hips and has been wearing her braces for 4 months. The result? Muscle weakness is starting in her we've been working to fix one problem and are causing another. Great. So, now that is fall, we are falling apart!

But on to happier thoughts! Our good friends are arriving from Texas this evening for a weekend of fall fun and lots of catching up. We can't wait!

Tater had her first week of real homework and was thrilled to be a big girl! I think she also enjoyed the one-on-one time with Mama...a rarity in our house!

Tally Marks
("one, two, three, four, slide on the five!)

And for your viewing pleasure...


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