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Monday, October 11, 2010

I Need A Vacation From My Life!

We are here.

We are alive.

And, surprisingly, we are healthy!
(knocking on wood as I type!)

We have been SUPER busy! We had weekend guests last weekend, traveled to Papa and Mimi's this week, completely overwhelmed (notice, not "underwhelmed" or just "whelmed"!) with work and school and therapies, and still trying to keep up with the every day stuff!

I have lots of pictures to share, lots of stories to tell, and lots of memories to record! But tonight? I'm heading to the couch to veg...after I clean up the kitchen from our late dinner after our 8-hour drive today!

In the meantime, pop on over the Dana's Dirtworks to catch up on our outings from last weekend!

And, just for Papa!
Mama: "Where is..."
Sassy: "No! Perry! Perry!"

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