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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy, Hoppy, Easter!

Well, the Easter Bunny DID come...although there have been some questionable moments during the past week. It was probably a combination of Mommy and Daddy's stress level and children begging for the big Bunny decided to stop by anyway!

There was lots of fun times searching though baskets and buckets to explore the hidden treasures! All three kids got new beach buckets for our vacation this summer. Tater loved her new princess Band-aids and Bruiser giggled when he saw the candy! Miss Wiggles didn't quite get it all...but had fun digging through bucket and standing up in her high chair.

After the excitement died down, we got everyone dressed (and by "we" - I mean, Mommy!) and headed out front for the traditional family Easter picture.


Sit up, Bruiser!

As good as it got!

Then the kids had a mini-egg hunt for the mysterious eggs that appear in our garden each Easter. They are shiny and sparkly and contain "paper money" as Tater calls it. Someone in our neighborhood is a secret bunny - and it is such a fun treat!

Then we headed to church, where I spent the service in the cry much for Easter! I did get to escape when Bruiser decided he was going to dance in the aisle instead of sit for the children's sermon. As I marched him back down the aisle, he yelled "Ow!" over and over. Didn't I feel like a great mom!
After church we had a congregational brunch and Sunday School egg hunt. It was a fun time to social and share our faith together!

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