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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Family Kind Of Weekend!

We had another busy weekend...guess that's just our life! I decided to put aside all the school news and just enjoy my days with the kids. We had a ton of fun...haircuts, a birthday party, hiking, playing, shopping - Toys'R'Us, Trader Joe's, Sam's Club, IKEA, projects around the house...and lots of cuddles! All the fun makes it hard to realize that it is Sunday night and that I have to return to school matter how unwelcoming it may feel. But, on another note, the kids are super-excited to see our sitter (who is actually our sitter's daughter for tomorrow...but that's another story!)!

Tater went to her first birthday party at McDonald's and it was for her all-time favorite school friends - twins, S and W! She and S have even made their intentions for marriage known! Little does she know that Daddy has decided she has to wait until she's 60!

Bruiser got his haircut and got "spiked like Daddy"!

Tater chose to go shorter...and Mommy's pushing for even shorter before summer.

Then we headed to the Audubon Society for our first hike through nature for the year.

This slimy frog reminded us of Papa's pond.

Mommy wore Miss Wiggles in the backpack and surrendered the camera to Daddy...a weak moment but it was fun to focus on the kids and not the memory making for a change!

This hike had a great boardwalk that made the walk even better.

Daddy spotted a bird...of some kind!
(Lost my bird books in the flood...)

Love this shot...and love hold this little guys hand!

Where the hike peaceful!

A HUGE turtle we found hiding in a spot along the path.

We also enjoyed being outside...Miss Wiggles loves the Cozy Coupe!

Snack time!
(Can't live without the "Snack Trap" cups!)

And...finally...look carefully...Miss Wiggles is sporting her first ponytail!

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