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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flood Update...

As I type this, Daddy is spraying the basement with a bleach and water solution to cut down on the mold growth. From what we heard, this is our only option. I guess there are some fungicides that you can buy that work better but because Tater is immuno-suppressed, they are not recommended. So say a prayer that it works and that the icky smell begins to go away!

Here are few flood shots that I've been store up since Thursday. We've been so busy working on drying it out and enjoying Easter, that I haven't been able to find the time or energy to post them!

It's hard to see but this was our first sight of the bare floor (Thursday night)!

Miss Wiggles lives up to her name!
This is where I found her at breakfast yesterday after she wiggled out of her buckle.

The man room on Friday afternoon.

Another few of the man room from Friday afternoon.

The backyard Friday afternoon.

More of the backyard.

The man room late Friday night - a bit more STUFF!

The dining room - we DID NOT have Easter here!

The six loads of laundry that I did Friday, in between moving boxes, taking care of the kids, cleaning the rooms we can still live in, and trying not to break down from the stress of it all.

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