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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday

I finally got my act together and decided to post with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesdays :).  The theme today is '5 Favorite Pictures" and I have to say I only searched through Facebook and I still had way more than 5!  Can you imagine if I searched the blog, and my computer, and my hard drive?????   I love taking pictures (photography runs in my family's blood!) and I love capturing the memories of my life to look back on forever more.

Oh, sweet babies!  I'll try to recap a little under each picture but how I just treasure the sweetness :)

The last Easter at my parents' house before they moved...the house they had built and I grew up in.  And the dress Tater is wearing?  The last Easter dress my mom was well enough to buy for my girls, that Sassy later wore and now I refuse to get rid of.

LOVE these two.

Sassy all dressed and fancied for a dance recital.

Papa holding the littlest, when he was soon little, and letting feel the grass for the first time :)

My 4 squishy favorites!

Oh, that sweet little face!

Beachin' 4 plus my nephew.

Taken the morning of the day my mom passed away...favorite picture of her favorite people in her favorite place.

Daddy and Tater during Friends for Lunch at that Daddy was silly enough to send this too me and that Tater loves having us there and isn't the slightest bit embarrassed...and I know our days are numbered!

And this sweet sassy girl with her Mama...a rare shot of me and even rarer that we are actually camping - I am not a roughin' it girl - but oh, her sweetness!


  1. Your little one in the grass is so cute! Such fun memories!