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Monday, March 27, 2017

And Now the News is Out...

Once we told the kids and made the news "Facebook official", we took some time to explore the area we'd be calling home in a few months.  There were lots of mixed emotions but we are mostly excited to have an exciting adventure :) 

Then it was time to start back to RI...14 hours back...sigh...
Someone (I refuse to take responsibility) thought it'd be a good idea to eat at a sit-down restaurant for dinner.  Daddy was clearly confused by this decision!  And I made it it better (?) with a yummy drink...I think...

There was a lot of downtime and hotel time...and the kids were good 90% of the time...and what more were we expecting, really?

After a 28-hour drive and lots of  wintery weather, our car needed  a bath inside and out...and it provided full-on child-mesmerizing entertainment :)

Then our week started bright and early with ear tube replacement and adenoidectomy for this guy.  He did great but was not at all happy about the event...he hated their clothes, they snuck in an IV after he was sleeping, and he just wanted to GO HOME!  This face was the before but it sums up the entire experience for us all!!!

By the next day he was 150%  better and happy to be riding his bike!  We kept him home from preschool per the nurse's orders but he totally would have been fine to go back!  Easiest recovery ever!

Wednesday we headed to IKEA to make a few returns, considering the closest IKEA to our new 'hood will be 2 1/2 hours...I was soaking it all in :)  Bubba did great but we kept it short!

And then by Friday, the move got REAL!  This lovely arrived in our driveway so we can purge and declutter to stage the house.  Also Daddy gave his official 2-week notice at his current employer...bittersweet after 10 years.  The stress of everything hit HARD on Friday but we rebounded and loaded this thing up on Saturday :)

Now the house projects are underway to help us get the best appraisal on the house before we list it.  Things are a bit overwhelming in that department - we are working with a relocation package from Daddy's new company, which is amazing and unbelievable and so generous, but we have read the packets (22 pages !!!) at least 6 times through and still feel confused about many!  Hamas Resources just emailed this morning that all the pre-employment stuff is finalized and he is cleared for his start date.  This is exciting because the next step is for the relocation company to contact us and assign us a coordinator who basically become my best friend over the next 3 months.  Then things will really get moving - Daddy will move to Michigan at the end of April (the company will pay for him to travel home every other weekend), we hope to list the house the beginning of May, we hope to find our new house some time in June, and we will make the official move in July after the kids finish school and dance activities.  Being a single parent for 2+ months does not appeal to me but it will all be worth it in the end :)  

Stay tuned for updates as we tear up roots and branch out into new lands !!!

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