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Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Mom Exchange 2016!

I had so much fun participating in the Mother's Day Mom Exchange with several fellow bloggers this year!  As I'm trying my hardest to return to the world of blogging now that I'm no longer working outside the home, I'm looking forward to getting to know other moms in the same season of life as me :).

I had the honor of sending a treats to Lacey over at Perks of Being a JAP...and it was so fun to shop for her (and a little for her little one!)...hop on over to her blog to see what I surprised her with!

My Mother's Day surprise came from Dara at Not in Jersey :)  And she did an amazing job of capturing my personality and spoiling me!  I loved getting this large squishy package in my mailbox...and realizing what it was!  Such a fun treat!

The first thing I pulled out was this adorable journal.  The colors are perfect and my type-A personality had my mind swimming with tons of uses for it!  I think I finally decided to use it for my MOPS steering meetings...tomorrow I am laking on the publicity for our local MOPS and this will be the prettiest place to keep track of things!

And the sweet quotes and thoughts inside will provide encouragement and inspiration as I help support and guide fellow moms :)

And Dara really caught on to my organization these tabs and labels!  Not only will my notebook be pretty but I'll never lose anything important with these reminders!

And, finally, she was so sweet to pamper me!  The sweet candle sits on my kitchen counter and boosts my spirits mid-afternoon with a delicious coffee smell (and my 7-year-old daughter is in love with it!).  The salted caramel was gone within minutes of opening the package :) and there may have been more purchased on my next trip to Target!  I'm saving the Starbucks card for a real pick-me-up because I know how much love me a tall flat white!!!

Thank you so much, Dara, for capturing me and spoiling me!  

This was a great chance to get to know a few new-to-me moms and to celebrate this day that is special to all of us!  Check out all the swaps over at Chasin' Mason!


  1. Would you believe I didn't even know there were quotes inside the journal? LOL. I'm so glad you enjoyed what I sent you!

  2. ooooh a coffee candle! Yes please. Those chocolates are so fun and yummy. I tried the cookie and cream one I think. Happy Mother's Day weekend!!

  3. Thank you so, SO much for my box of goodies! I loved everything and the chocolate bar was gone in a day. Sadie loved the glow bracelets too! Thank you! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Chocolate and Starbucks and labels...oh my! Awesome gift box! She did such a great job!

  5. Love those tabs and labels for your planner! I could use some of those for mine. And of course the chocolate and the Starbucks. What a perfect little treat!
    Happy Mother's Day and thank you so much for participating in our gift exchange!