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Monday, May 9, 2016

Life Lately

It's time to just catch up on life lately!  This will be extremely picture-heavy but I need to get back to present time :).  Enjoy!

It was rainy and chilly but we re-mulched our play area in April.  It had been several years and was much needed!  Also we added the pergola on the deck and the love seat...both which I have been enjoying every day that is warm enough!  

We've been visiting the library every other Sunday and this boy has been filling his bag to the brim and then reading books without stopping!  I LOVE this!

Bubba was Super Bubba one night!

Tater had a chorus concert at school one night...and was not thrilled that I made her dress up and not just wear leggings and a t-shirt :)

Bubba had his first (temporary) tattoo!

Then he put on his brother's sweatshirt and told me he was "Hoda".

This is the scene when a 2-year-old skips his nap!

After over 9 years in this house and with a bathroom covered in pink and blue tile, we painted the tile white and had Bath Fitters cover the walk-in shower.  It was pricy but soooooo worth it!  
We LOVE it!
This was Bubba's 3rd birthday gift from us and's really is the ultimate car garage!  It's huge and in my living room and he plays with it I'm ok with that!

He was playing the "shy birthday boy" :)

Cupcakes for the win!

And then a birthday movie in Sassy's bed...the big kids let the birthday boy pick the movie and watched it without complaining!

Bubba got birthday money from Pop-Pop and Memaw and picked out a Nerf gun...sigh...

The basement playroom was a I purged and organized and it is amazing!  We filled the Suburban with things to donate, including 2 large furniture pieces and many, many, many toys that were never used.  Now they can see what they have and actually play with the things they love!

The day after a birthday means several snacks of cupcakes (and pants are optional!).

Outside play time!

Daddy built me a raised garden bed for vegetables.  Our ground soil is so sandy that we never have had any luck growing anything...hopefully this will help and we will have a plentiful garden this year!

I snagged a Groupon for our local Audubon membership this spring and we payed the education center a visit.  It's fun to check out and poke around.

There's a great walking path down to the bay...but Sassy found it to be a little long and tiring!

A sure sign of spring is having the dirt patch back in action!  Boys love dirt!

Loving beverages on the deck!

Family movie night - we introduced them to Honey I Shrunk the Kids!

Dirty pants and feet are the sign of a good spring day!

This was totally unprompted but all 4 kids snuggled outside on the couch and listen to Tater read them library, so, so, so super-sweet!

We've been enjoying the nice days and hiking as a family on local paths...well, Daddy and I are hiking, Bubba is riding, and Sassy and Bruiser run.  Tater is not a fan of hiking so we try to go when she is busy with other activities :)

This day, Tater was at Girl Scouts and Bubba was napping...Sassy treated her brother to a treat from the ice cream truck.  The kindest heart!

All these beautiful sunny outside pictures make me crazy for spring and spending our days's been raining for a week and is soon chilly!  Hopefully things will turn around soon!

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