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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

2015 was a tough year.  There were lots of struggles and sadness and many BIG changes!

Bruiser turned 8 in January!

Tater turned 10 in February!
Double is that possible???? 

There was LOTS of snow and even MORE on top of that...ugh!
At least one of us was happy to shovel! 

Bubba turned 2 in April! 

And we celebrated the baptism of my littlest nephew 
and treasured being able to share it with my mom. 

And May brought the return of beach days...even if sweatshirts are required in New England! 

June was the girls' dance recital and Bubba had to pose too! 
This month also brought the end of a 15-year teaching career for Mommy and the start of me being able to focus on just being a mommy!

July brought a visit back to PA and to our favorite amusement park.
We will try to forget that the visit ended with a night in the hospital for one curious little boy who decided to sample some of his great-grandmother's medicine! 

To celebrate Mommy's "retirement", we took our family vacation to the shore in September and enjoyed relaxing days with family.

And that vacation to my mom's favorite place, ended with us saying a final good-bye to her on September 18th.  She suffered so much in the past few years with various sicknesses, but we wish we could have kept her longer.  We miss her more each day and with each new thing - big or small - that we experience.  We are working hard to keep her memory alive! 

Sassy turned 7 in October! 

We started celebrating the holidays in November. 

And December was all about Christmas!!!! 

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