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Monday, May 11, 2015

Disney Day #3...Epcot!

We headed to Epcot on Day #3.
This is one of our favorite parks and the kids enjoyed it as much as we expected :)

Our first stop was Test Track and Sassy waited with me and Bubba while the others rode.
She entertained herself well!

Then Sassy and I rode...she designed a car that captures her personality!
Love this text that Daddy and I had...thinking I designed it!!!  Lol!

Another favorite...Bubba LOVED the birds saying "mine, mine, mine!"

Cousin pile!
Then it was time to meet Mickey and Minnie!
We brought these encyclopedia books along for autographs and they were great.  Each character signed on their own picture and we'll have the books to treasure and add to when we visit again.

Bubba wasn't so sure about the characters :)

One of my favorite pictures from the trip :)
Then we headed to dinner in Norway with the princesses.  I'm pretty sure this was the highlight of trip for Sassy and I know the princesses fell in love with Bubba!

Watching the princesses work the room.

Oh, the smile on Sassy's face!

Ariel Flirting with Bubba!

Still flirting!

The exhaustion was settling in by the end of day much so that Bruiser walked to the back of the shuttle and promptly fell asleep, leaning on a strangers shoulder.  The panic that followed when we arrived at our stop and could find him was like nothing I've ever felt...but he never even realized he was missing when we found him :).
We were thankful that the next day included a slow day at Animal Kingdom and some time by the pool!

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