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Monday, May 4, 2015

Disney Surprise! and Day 1 and 2

After months of planning and secrets, it was reveal time!  We woke the kids early in the 4am!...and loaded them in the car in their pjs.  Each one got a goodie bag with Disney themed clues.  The excitement was huge!  There is a video...but it wouldn't load...I'll try later!  Because it is really worth it!
Waiting to hear the surprise!

At the jammies!

Changed into our Disney clothes and watching the luggage be loaded on our plane!

Breakfast in his stroller!

Airplane selfie with Mommy!

Daddy took the three youngest...since Mommy had an ear infection and we had no idea how painful this flight could be...and it was pretty bad on the way down :(
When we arrived at the airport, there was another surprise waiting!  The littles had no idea that Pop-Pop, Memaw, and their aunt, uncle, and cousins were waiting to join our week of fun!  It made an amazing surprise even more exciting!

We took over the back of the bus!

Shuttle bus selfie with Mommy!

Bubba on the shuttle bus!

We checked into Caribbean Beach and headed to Downtown Disney for lunch at the T-Rex!  Bruiser loved the dinosaurs but was overwhelmed by the we took a few breaks outside :) 

We spent the rest of the day at Hollywood Studios.  We loved the Great Movie Ride and Toy Story Mania!  We wrapped the night (before getting trapped in the Festival of Lights!!!!  Nightmare!!!) with the Frozen Sing-Along.  We had been since before 4 and had very tired children!  In spite of Sassy knowing every single word to every single song...Bruiser was the only one who sang along!!!!

Well, the long day #2...led to a rough start to Day #2,
Classic Disney pic :)

Magic Kingdom!!!

Sassy loved meeting the princesses!

Stroller nappin'

Bibbity Bobbity Boutique!
Tater loved the attention...Sassy took a vow of silence...ugh...

Highlight of Mommy's trip???
Managing to arrange this princess visit :)

See Sassy did smile!

And this waiting for us after we finally made it back to our room...after fighting parade crowds, losing the grandparents and Sassy, and battling the shuttle.  Oh, the shuttles and scooters!

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