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Saturday, January 7, 2012

(Finally!) Christmas 2011

All ready for Santa to come!

There might have been some very good (or very lucky!) children at the House of Sprout!

Waiting to come down the steps and see if Santa came!

Bruiser playing with his most-wanted toy of the year...
thank you, Pop-Pop and Memaw!

Sassy doing a bit ironing...

and taking a break on her new bench!

Showing off their new dolls...Tater wanted it in the worst way and Sassy wasn't sure what to think of it all!

Bruiser opening one of many Transformers.

A bit of playing!

Some new doll outfits!

Chatting with Mimi

Feeding her new pet

And visiting with Papa!

It was a busy week with lots of relaxing moments.  There are many new toys to enjoy and many thanks to send.  While the pictures were a bit lacking, the memories are endless!

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