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Monday, January 9, 2012

And Then He Turned Five!

Five years ago tonight I was cuddling a soft, sweet-smelling little infant.  Tonight I had to wrestle a rough and tumble five-year-old to get a snuggle.  Where has the time gone???

Bruiser turned five to day and celebrated with all things five!  There were cupcakes (from a "local" gluten-free bakery...more on that in another post!) and gifts that included Transformers, Star Wars, and Cars 2.  There was excitement and meltdowns...a typical Bruiser kind of day!

I love that sweet little face!  I look at him and find it hard to believe that he is FIVE!  He still remains the best snuggler, a boy with weapon for a head, and the best tickle giggler!  His world revolves around cars, dinosaurs, Taggies, Star Wars, and routine.  He has the best imagination and the cutest pronunciations of words (my favorite being "hun-one-dred"!).  This is the last year of preschool and next year will bring changes with kindergarten and a new building, a new (but well-known) teacher, and many new friends.  But no matter what comes down the path, i know one thing - my boy will always come to me for snuggles, with thumb tucked in mouth and a Taggie looped over his finger!

So, Bruiser, no matter how big you get "my baby you'll be"!

Love and snuggles, five-year-old!

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