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Monday, November 7, 2011

Well Said, Papa!

Harry Deitz: Welcome to our world, little one

A baby cries, and another life has joined our world. That quickly, everything has changed forever.

It happens somewhere almost every second of every day, but each one is special for all of those who are involved or in some way touched by the moment.

First-time parents try to balance the extreme emotions of excitement and responsibility, of happiness and fear. Experienced parents anticipate the changing family dynamics. Grandparents simply glow with pride.

The months of anticipation, preparation and care leading up to the moment of birth fade quickly, lost in a few hours of excruciating pain, which soon is erased by waves of joy. The wonder of life takes hold again.

So you stop and reflect for a few moments, hours or even days about this new life, your own life and life in general. For that brief time, the world slows, and your priorities seem to be in order.

You look into his eyes and he stares back: a special moment, a definite connection. A bond forms.

You hold him and watch him sleep. He seems so peaceful. So content. So safe. And you want to keep him that way. But, deep inside, you know that's not possible.

He will face challenges, disappointments and hurt. And no matter how much you try to protect and shelter him, guide and direct him, there will come a time, too quickly, when he will have to stand on his own in the world.

Along the way, you hope that the choices you make and the choices he makes will be good ones.

Each of those choices, decisions, actions and directions that we make and take has a bearing on every one that follows. It's often as simple as turning left or right, saying yes or no, moving or hesitating.

It's all part of life, which is ever changing. So many uncertainties. No guarantees.

You worry about the world he is joining. What kind of world will he come to know?

You want it to be a world without hate. A world without prejudice. A world without sadness. A world without jealousy and envy. A world without injustice. But then it would be a world without dreamers like me.

And yet there is hope. So we at least try to make it better than it's been. For him, and for so many other innocent little ones like him.

You pray that for every Madison, Ryan, Mallory or Joey who joins our world, there will be something good left to pass on to them and their children.

It's not just the impact the world will have on him, but also the impact he will have on the world. There are so many possibilities and opportunities. So much pressure and responsibility. You wonder how you will balance it all. How he will. How you will know right from wrong, good from bad.

For this day, all is calm. You hope that tomorrow will be, too. At least for this night, he will sleep peacefully, and so will you.

You smile and close your eyes, and pray that it will be a world where he is as safe and loved as the one he entered today.

You sleep soundly.

And then, a baby cries.

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