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Monday, May 22, 2017

A Whole Lot of Randomness - aka "My New Life"

This past week was a lot of craziness - lots of ups and downs, many memories, and lots of missing Daddy.  It's hard to be "on" 24/7 without a parenting partner.  It's really hard to think about Daddy being on his own without a hint of jealousy and remember that he is not enjoying being alone one bit.  I have to put aside my own frustrations and loneliness and remember that we both are struggling with this separation and July can't come fast enough!!!

As of Saturday, our house went on the market!  It's bittersweet...we are excited and anxious to make our move but this is our home - the house we've loved in, brought babies home to, shared time with family we no longer have with us...basically lived our life - and we are sad to leave and see anyone else in our house.  

But all that said, we listed the house Saturday, had one open house Sunday, and received a full-price offer Sunday evening!  It went so fast but it feels so good that someone else could see how much we loved this house!

Someone posted this on Facebook and I laughed so hard ~ I'm a magical freaking unicorn!!!

Our week last week started off with a sad little girl who was missing her Daddy big time.  She said she was so sad watching all the daddies bringing their kids to the bus stops along her bus route.  It made my momma heart super sad!  Tuesday she had a follow-up at the pediatric neurologist for her migraines so we bookended it with shopping trips ~ and she gained a new Beanie Boo for Animal Day at school!  As I've seen several other bloggers mention, her school is doing the ABC Countdown to the end of school ~ and luckily most of the days are super easy and require no parent input (because I am just overwhelmed at the moment!!!).

And later that day, the weather was gorgeous and we were waiting for dance class to there was a bit of parking lot sunroof posing :).  I think it's safe to say she was a bit happier!

Thursday this boy had a full day of preschool for some added fun...and it wore him right out :)

We had a week of beautiful weather and summer temperatures...this guy was loving the backyard!

More ABC Countdown - Crazy Sock Day
She only wore them to the bus stop because she was too hot!!!

Our little theater girl made the front page of the local paper ~ that's her on the right side in the gray shirt and pink tights.  She was shining in her true element!

I sent this to my dad and my in-laws this's been a tough couple months :)

Saturday was another beautiful day and not as horribly hot as it's been.  We went to friends' for lunch on the grill and a fun time playing the sprinkler and the mud!

Monday this guy decided to explore his room during nap time and broke the glass in a picture frame.  He called down to me that he needed a bandaid and when I got to the top of the steps with a bandaid I realized I was going to need more than a little Paw Patrol bandaid!!!!  His hands were literally covered in blood!!!!  Luckily after I cleaned him off, I discovered it was just one slice on his thumb...that just bled and bled...because I always forget that he is just a bleeder :).  So gauze for a pressure wrap and first aid tape and he was good to go!  It was touch and go as to whether he needed stitches but it was more of a slice across the pad of his thumb as opposed to a deep cut so we figured stitches wouldn't be advised anyway.  The good news is that he is terrified to touch anything made of glass!!!

Sunday morning at church, Bruiser struggles to settle in.  This week he ended up on the floor in our pew with his book.  And this mama, churching it with 4 kiddos on her own, didn't mind one bit :)

Today I had to make a quick (ha!) run to Target for a large envelope to mail all the school applications and documents for the kids' new school (think 100+ pages with 3 IEPs and testing summaries included...sigh...) and poked around and found a few new items for the new house.  This is the fun part!!!

We will be going from 1 1/2 baths to 3 full baths so I'm needing a few things.  The master bath has a glass shower door so our current shower curtain (white ruffles) will go to the upstairs kids' bathroom. The downstairs kids'/guest bathroom has sage green walls and a slate floor (if my memory is correct) so I trapped this rug (green matches the wall color) and fun flamingo shower curtain.  The room needs light accents to brighten the dark space...and flamingos are fun!

The other thing about Michigan is that the sun sets late - like 9:30ish!  Our kids are early bedtime kids and we are going to be needing blackout curtains.  I found these at Target as an online return clearance.  The gray strip will be perfect in the boys' room with their Star Wars accents.  Win-win!

My goal for today is to finish laundry and prep a countdown for the kids for when we actually move.  The time is going fast and will be here before we know it!!!

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