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Friday, August 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

We had no real plans for the weekend...and that made it lovely!!!

Friday night, the kids (well, Bruiser and Sassy) wrapped up another week of VBS...this time at our nanny's church.  Bruiser got to go on stage and share what they did on the third day...he did awesome!  

Bubba didn't find it all so we hung out outside for a bit (or a long while since his screeching was causing heads to turn!).


we cooked some freezer meals in anticipation of our vacation in September, did some laundry, relaxed...and then headed to our slice of Heaven on earth...

This beach visit was a milestone in our lives...all 4 kids went in the water!  Tater always avoided it because it irritated her eczema...but not today!  Bruiser overcame his irrational fears...and loved  it!  Sassy has always been our water bug.  And Bubba?  Couldn't be left out!  He was funny to watch...couldn't understand why the water came at him and then went away...he needed Daddy to carry him past that!


We ran some errands, made a family trip to Savers to explore, did some house projects and enjoyed an afternoon family game!  It was a perfect day!

Now we are back to work (well, Daddy is!), off to a new VBS, and tackling appointments and errands.  Hopefully this is the week the tree comes down and we can gain our backyard back!

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