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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Welcome 2015

I can't believe a new year has started!  2014 was full of challenges, trial, and happy moments woven in.  We battled scary health issues in our immediate and extended families.  We watched our children grow developmentally and educationally...finding new and creative ways to help them succeed.  We worked hard professionally, making big changes and enjoying promotions as a result of our dedication. And through all this, we grew and lived as a family of six ;). It was challenging and rewarding ;)

For the past few years I have selected several verses and quotes that speak to me at the beginning of each new year and post them to guide our family through the year.  I feel strongly in choosing a bible verse that speaks to our season of life for that year and then inspirational quote(s) to support it and our daily life.

So here is 2015!  Please excuse the quality of the pictures :). Our schedule is insane with busy, social children and I'm spending way too much time in waiting rooms without wifi!  So phone pictures with reflections it is if I want to stay committed to my goal to blog more this year!
"Don't be afraid.  Just believe." Mark 5:36
So much truth needed in this season of our lives.

"Every day may not be good, but there is something good in everyday."
I need this reminder to find the positive!

In addition to these inspirations, I've given myself a few goals...

1.  Read 2 books each month.
I love to several books A DAY when I was a teenager!  I need to bring back joy of escaping into the lives of the characters ;)

2.  Read to the kids EVERY night.
This came more from Daddy, even though I 100% support it!  I'm trying to overcome the bedtime craziness and find some peace before they snuggle in ;). It has worked best for us to divide and conquer!  Daddy reads to the girls while the little guy plays and I read to Bruiser upstairs.  Whatever it takes!

3. Meal Plan!

4.  Simplify!

Bring it on 2015!

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