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Thursday, July 24, 2014

BIG Things at The House of Sprout!

So yesterday we said good-bye to the family car of nine years.
We brought home 3 babies from the hospital in this car, made too many trips to PA to count, and traveled around town for many years enjoying the space and seating.  Then Bubba joined our family and we knew our days in the mini-van were limited.
It had a few dents and a lot of dirt, but it was used and loved :)

About three weeks ago, Sassy was sitting in her seat and all of a sudden looks at me with complete shock "We drive a mini-van, Mommy???"  Captain Obvious, that one!

So with more kids than we can handle and all the stuff that comes with them, we moved on to this beauty!

Yes, it's huge.
Yes, it's a truck.
Yes, I have anxiety every time I drive it.
But, oh my gosh, is it ever cool!!!
We bought a few years used so that we could indulge in some luxuries...leather seats, entertainment system, bluetooth!  I feel like I've caught up with civilization!  My van didn't even have power sliding doors!!!!!

So this is "Bruce" joke with the name :)...and we are loving him! 
Now I must go mop up water from the leaking washing is it that every time you make a large purchase something else has to break?????

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