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Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014...Welcome Back!

It was a rough 2013!
There were lots of changes in our lives...includung this bundle of sweetness -
While Mommy was busy growing him and feelinf rather rotten 24/7, while trying to teach kindergarten full-time, we lost a lot of fun and family time.  So we spent every minute after he was born soaking up everything and everyone...which included LOTS of time doing this -

We spent time with our cousin and family -

And we continued to build our family traditions...
getting our tree...

...cookies for Santa...

...waiting at the top of the steps Christmas morning...

...and adding in a bit of snow play :)
2014 is here and we are ready to start fresh!
My plan is to blog more and document all the moments of our growing littles and busy life!

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