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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

April - The Month of Bubba!

We ended March with Bruiser's virus, Easter weekend, and the start of Mommy's maternity leave. 
I worked as long as I could but the stress of my job and our busy family just took a toll on me and my blood pressure!  Sassy and I spent a lovely week at home enjoying some quiet time and resting. 
Pop-Pop arrived to help us out a bit the same day the doctor sent me for some blood work to check things out.  The next day he made the call to induce me for blood pressure concerns and Pop-Pop took on 3 kids all on his own!  Brave man!
Bubba was born after a rough, looooong nine months...2 weeks and 4 days early :).

Bubba came into the world at 1:14 pm and around 5:00 pm Tater decided to be bounced over the net on the trampoline (on Pop-Pop's watch, no less!) and Daddy had to meet her at the children's hospital for 3 stitches.  Never a dull moment!

Bubba had a beautiful first night and second day.  He was super-sleepy and loved to snuggle.
As we approached that time on Friday when they decide to release you, he began to get a yellow tinge.  Blood work was ordered and it was debated whether we would be going home or staying for some photo therapy.  He was borderline but got his walking papers and an order to see the pediatrician the very next morning. So Saturday morning, Pop-Pop took Tater and Bruiser to pick up Memaw, who drove halfway to us, and Bruiser got an order for more blood work. 
Memaw walked in the house, the doctor called and we headed back to be admitted for photo therapy...all within 10 minutes!  We spent 2 more nights at the hospital, Memaw got a bit of a snuggle in before she left, and thus began our daily doctor and blood work appointments.  At one point the doctor said he had never ordered so many blood tests on a newborn that wasn't a micro-preemie.  At last count he was at 19 pokes :(
Then once his bilirubin number came down, his weight refused to the doctor said  - he couldn't be trusted!

First carseat ride

Coming home outfit

Mini photo shoot in his 'sprout" hat!

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